Bloc Architects

Bloc Architects is the amalgamation of the commercial practice Michael Tod Architects (MTA) and the dynamic young practice of BLOC architects. This marriage ensures that clients are assured of over 30 years of established commercial practice, incorporating the full range of typologies and over 1000 built works, and award winning contemporary technological driven design. Through a strong partnership with our clients they strive to produce solutions that exhaust all possibilities, and form spaces that respond harmoniously to all parameters. Regardless of scale or program, their firm is enthusiastic in its approach and professional in its process.

Bloc Architects explores the boundaries of technology as a tool to represent and test their ideas in a format that the client can clearly understand. They believe that architecture has an integral roll to play in global environmental issues and through well-researched practical responses can form a sustainable architecture that is well adapted to its surroundings. Bloc Architects is a firm that believes in an architecture that organizes, understands and gives meaning to the experiences and information it houses. At the core of their architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at design problems and transform limitations into possibilities.

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Monday, December 4, 2017