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The name is an acronym for Because Architecture Matters. The site is designed to work as a marketplace where people with architecture projects can find the right architect to execute them. “Better architecture doesn’t have to be synonymous with more expensive architecture,” says the BAM duo. “By making the search for an architect more fun and easier, we’re trying to make sure every build project is paired to the right architect. And vice-versa!”

The service is free to prospective clients. Architects pay 10% commission on the projects they secure through the site. When a call goes out, BAM will get a number of architects the client has selected to submit proposals. “It’s all about connecting people in the right way. Individuals and companies with build projects on the one hand, and architects selected by us on the other.”

Whilst older architects may have been slow to embrace the digital revolution as a means of giving their projects greater visibility and reach, newer generations have quickly adapted. Unsurprisingly therefore, they are the preferred partners for a new architecture website making optimal use of the community’s very own label on the Internet. “The architects we choose to work with range from 25 to 45 years of age. They’re young, dynamic and very talented. Plus they already understand the potential the Internet brings to architecture, so they speak both our language and the one spoken by BAM’s users.”

BAM’s founders have known each other since they were children. When Mathias went to business school and Boris to architecture school, their respective areas of expertise just seemed to naturally blend into the BAM initiative. The launch of .ARCHI in 2014 was the project’s final boost. “Getting such a short and memorable name would have been impossible for us without .ARCHI,” admits Mathias. “The fact that we can tag the term “archi” to our 3-letter acronym is just unbelievably strong in terms of business opportunity for us.”



BAM and the .ARCHI Domain Name

New Top Level Domains were created to help Internet users innovate on content and uses. French duo Mathias Boutier and Boris Lefèvre have done just that by setting up

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017