An Architecture for Autism

Magda Mostafa, PhD, architect and researcher, promotes facilitative built environments for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.With over a decade of experience in this area, she recently developed the Autism ASPECTSS™ Design Index, the first evidence based set of design criteria for individual with autism. It was awarded the 2014 International Union of Architects (UIA) Architecture for All Research Award, and has been recognized worldwide. Currently she is the Design Associate at Progressive Architects, Cairo ( where they provide special needs design consultancy services.

The Autism ASPECTSS™ Design Index is the first set of evidence based design guidelines worldwide to address built environments for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was developed over a decade of research and is comprised of seven criteria proposed to be facilitative for ASD design. It is used as both an assessment and design development tool. The ASPECTSS Design Index stands for:
Spatial Sequencing
Escape Space

Sensory Zoning 



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Tuesday, December 5, 2017