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A good idea is a good idea forever they say and the guys behind created one of the best. Architecture is a Good Idea is YouTube channel and a blog about architecture and all things creative – from engineering, to art, to town planning. Created by two Polish architects Radosław Gajda and Natalia Szcześniak, their blog and YouTube channel have over 22,000 subscribers and was recently listed as one of Archdaily’s  Top 12 Architecture Channels on Youtube.

Radosław and Natalia have embraced the digital technologies available to them to share their passion for architecture including the great .archi domain We caught up with Radosław recently to talk about about Architecture is a Good Idea and .archi.

Tell us more about Architecture Is a Good Idea and who it’s targeted towards.

I first started my teaching career at a University right after graduating and it didn’t take long for my students to start asking whether my classes were available on YouTube, because they wanted to share them with their friends. I thought that a 90-minute lecture might be a bit too long to for people sitting in front of a computer, so we started making small segments of my classes, and videos about single buildings of particular interest.

This got us thinking, maybe we could start creating videos that would be understood not only by architecture professionals but also by people who are just curious about architecture.  Many of our videos talk are about architectural achievements in the course of history, and what makes great buildings great.

So why did you choose a .archi domain name for Architecture is a Good Idea?

After Natalia and I had published a handful of videos, I was contacted by one of Polish TV stations to appear on one of their main shows to talk about some significant buildings and also my activity online. Back then we only had a YouTube profile and we didn’t have a website or a domain name that we could say on TV to invite people to see our videos.

We urgently needed a domain that would describe what we did and at the same be shorter that our full tagline “Architecture is a good idea”. 

One thing that was really important was that we wanted the words “good idea” to be part of the web address, for it to be catchy and short. But we didn’t have a clue what extension would suit our needs best. We weren’t oriented commercially, so .com didn’t work. We weren’t a school or education provider in a common understanding, so .edu was not a possible option We weren’t an organization of any sort, so .org didn’t make sense.

We were just two architects, who wanted to share their passion with others. And in all domain extensions we were coming up with, the architectural element was missing.

Than we thought that maybe there would be one of these new, specific domains, like .pizza or .travel, that would suit us. We googled them and found .archi – the exact thing we were looking for.

Because it was a new extension there was lots of great choices available and our perfect term was available so we snapped it up immediately.

How has the domain benefited you?

Having as domain name is very helpful with the media. Every time I have the opportunity to talk about architecture on radio or TV and I have the ability to invite listeners or viewers to our blog it is easier and quicker to say – “ visit” than having to explain how to reach a YouTube channel, which is linked pretty much everywhere on the website. 

What would you say to someone considering registering a .archi domain name for their business or website?

I think it’s a great way to highlight the architectural scope of your activity in the very name of your domain, while also keeping it short and memorable. If you want to stand out online and have an elegant way of telling internet users what your website is about then .archi is the right option for you.

You can access all the great videos from Architecture is a Good Idea at and if you want to register a short, catchy and relevant domain for your online architectural content just click here.

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Friday, July 29, 2016