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No, in order to register a .ARCHI domain name, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • being an individual professional architect or an architecture firm registered as a member of the International Union of Architects (“UIA”) Member Section. The current list of UIA Member Sections and Allied Member Section is available on the UIA website or;
  • being an architecture-related organization (such as schools, museums, professional media, etc.) listed on a dedicated list defined by the APAC (i.e., Archi Policy Advisory Committee which is the supervising and regulatory body of the .ARCHI Domain) in collaboration with the UIA and available here.
Learn more about who can register a .ARCHI domain by reading our Domain Name Policy.
.ARCHI domains can be registered for one to 10 years at a time.  Many registrars offer additional packages and services along with your domain to make your website exactly as you envision it...or even better!
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